Mission Statement

Team SSC will deliver a superior craft with unrivaled operating capabilities and exceptional performance over its 30-year service life. A next generation platform that:

• Is More Affordable
• Has Superior Operational Availability
• Is Lowest Total Risk

Team SSC will accomplish these goals by using a proactive customer-centered approach and Best of Industry practices in all aspects of program management; we will bring to bear sophisticated systems engineering and baseline management capabilities in a total cost-reduction approach from construction through service life; we will integrate proven technologies to provide innovative, cost-effective, long-term solutions; we will optimize supply-chain management and quality control; we will ensure production execution and scalability in all relevant capabilities, including facilities, processes, plans and people; we will guarantee customer involvement and partnership at all stages and all levels of interaction; and we will position ourselves to provide total global life-cycle SSC support.

Team SSC will use the combined expertise, vision and experience of its partner companies to design, build and deliver a Ship to Shore Connector that will set new standards of performance.