Mission Objectives

More Affordable: The total cost of the SSC program extends far beyond development, design and acquisition costs. Total ownership cost, through thousands of service hours and hundreds of missions, is the measurement.

In all disciplines, Team SSC has the people, facilities and experience necessary to reduce total ownership cost, and that is our focus. From the integration of existing technologies into SSC design, to the use of cutting-edge systems engineering, to our lean aluminum manufacturing and modular construction expertise — even to the reduction in training costs via use of sophisticated command station simulators — Team SSC is committed to cost-effective, long-term solutions.

Superior Operational Availability: Team SSC understands that the variety of extreme environments in which the SSC will operate dictate that quality is essential in every detail of design and construction. Experience gained in LCAC SLEP has led to numerous design improvements that will make the SSC significantly easier and much less expensive to maintain. Innovations in drivetrain technology — combined with breakthroughs in composite structures and corrosion control — will reduce downtime, increase service life and set new standards of craft availability. Finally, the Team’s demonstrated ability at worldwide supply-chain management, logistics and in deploying high-capability maintenance teams results in fast, reliable, total global life-cycle support.

Lowest Total Risk: Five world-class companies with distinguished reputations and impeccable credentials have teamed for this mission. The companies have been designing, delivering and supporting hovercraft and SSC-relevant machinery and C4N Systems since LCACs were last designed more than 30 years ago, and last delivered in 1998. They bring extraordinary expertise and some of the best engineering minds on the planet, and a track record of delivering on time and within contracted costs on a wide range of large, complex defense contracts. Team SSC is armed with a host of detailed program tracking and risk management processes, and experienced managers focused on DoD customer satisfaction. Each company is a pillar of financial strength and stability.

Positioned for Success: Team SSC is positioned in every phase of Ship to Shore Connector design and production, including facilities, processes, plans and people. We are pledged to apply Best Practices in all interactions, are committed to fostering customer involvement, and are uncompromisingly bound by integrity in our every action. In doing business with Team SSC, there is managed low risk, planned customer satisfaction, and focused warfighter support.